Budget and Finances

Where does the money come from to pay the budget?

The Government calculates the Council's grant according to a number of criteria and its ability to raise money from the Council Tax. Worcestershire's general grant for 2011/12 is just over £109 million, or £195 per person.

Where our funding comes from

Pie Chart - Where our funding comes from

We also receive other grants from the government for specific purposes such as the Dedicated Schools Grant that provides funding for schools and can only be used for this purpose. Therefore, this funding does not form part of the BOLD programme.

The level of other specific grants the Council receives has been significantly reduced as a result of spending cuts.

Just over 66% of our funding comes from Central Government with the rest raised through the Council Tax. The amount we get from the government is being cut considerably and means we will need to save a total of between £60 and £70 million over the next four years.

How we use it

Directorate Budget 2010/2011
Directorate Budget 2011/2012

Directorate Budget Pie Chart