Show your support for Faster Broadband

Worcestershire County Council is asking residents and businesses in the county to show their support for Faster Broadband in Worcestershire. 

Anyone who wants to get behind the council's efforts to make Faster Broadband for Worcestershire a reality can do so by returning the voucher in {your Worcester News} or electronically by visiting  or emailing

Anyone signed up to Facebook can also simply 'like' the new Facebook page set up to keep communities up to date with the latest information as it develops.  This will include information such as news about funding rounds and opportunities for residents to leave feedback, get involved, have discussions and debate issues such as alternative options for the 10% of hard to reach areas of the county.

Research has shown that access to better internet connections or Faster Broadband is not only required by residents but is essential for businesses.

Worcestershire County Council has made 'Open for Business' one of its key priorities and access to Faster Broadband is vital in ensuring companies are able to remain competitive and grow their businesses.  This will also add to Worcestershire's attractiveness as a new location for companies and organisations expanding and seeking to relocate. 

Worcestershire County Council is working with local organisations to deliver the vision for Worcestershire's Local Broadband Plan (LBP) of  "Faster Broadband for all by 2015" and increasing internet speeds for  90 per cent of the county to 24Mbps.   By returning the voucher, residents and businesses will be demonstrating their intention of upgrading to Faster Broadband to network suppliers if it was available in their areas.

Cllr Simon Geraghty, Worcestershire County Council's Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Economy and Infrastructure, said: “We urge residents and businesses to return the voucher to us and show us their commitment for Faster Broadband. Those who use Facebook can also be involved through the social network as well as via our website.

"As technology continues to improve and more services become available on-line, faster broadband will be essential in ensuring that Worcestershire's residents are not left behind.

"For businesses, we already know the county ranks highly for its transportation networks and desirable lifestyles, making sure the digital infrastructure does not become a reason to look elsewhere is crucial to the future of the county's business prospects.”

Cllr Thain, Cabinet Member with Responsibility for Transformation and Change, added: "As we work to make Faster Broadband for Worcestershire a reality, there will be many opportunities for people in Worcestershire to get involved. We know that faster Broadband is vital for businesses and residents and by returning the voucher or participating via Facebook – you can show your support.

"In addition, the County Council is also continuing our work to take best advantage of technology to streamline our own processes and services."