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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

What are Permissive routes?
These are not public rights of way but routes which can be used by the public with the permission of the landowner.

Can I stop for a picnic or to photograph the view when I am on a public footpath?
You can stop for a while to admire the view or take the photograph. Providing that you do not cause an obstruction you may stop for a rest, eat a simple picnic or make a sketch.

Are public rights of way closed at night?
No, a public right of way, like any other highway, is available for the public to use at any time of day or night and on every day of the year.

Can I ride a horse, or a bike on a footpath?
No, not without the prior consent of the landowner, otherwise you would be committing trespass against the landowner, or occupier concerned.

Can I take a pram, pushchair or wheelchair on a right of way?
Yes, if it is practicable as they are considered a ‘usual accompaniment’ of a person on foot.

Can I take a dog on a public right of way?
Yes you can, but the dog must not run off the definitive line of the path, and it must be kept under close control.

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    The government agency responsible for protecting and improving the environment, water, land and air.
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