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The next scheduled County Elections will be held in May 2017.

County Council Elections are held every four years, on the first Thursday in May, although the Secretary of State can specify another date. All seats are up for election at the same time.

Results of the last County Council Elections – May 2013

A total of 57 Councillors were elected in 52 Divisions after residents went to the polls. The number of seats won are set out below.

Elected Members organise themselves into political 'Groups' which are recognised by the Council and their relative sizes determine the number of seats allocated to each Group on Committees.

As of 22 May 2014, the political groups are as follows:


Conservative Group 31

Labour Group


2013 Group (Liberal Democrat, Liberal and Green)


Independent Alliance Group (Independent Community & Health Concern, Independent, Wythall Residents Association)




County Council By Elections

Arrow Valley East Division

Peter James Bridle (UK Independence Party UKIP) has been announced as the newly elected County Councillor in the Arrow Valley East division following a by-election yesterday (May 22). A total of 5,745 votes were received out of an eligible electorate of 17,249. This represents an overall turnout of 33%.

The full results of the Arrow Valley East by-election were:

Candidate Name  Political Party Votes 
Isabel Margaret
Independent 133
Green Party 241
Peter James
UK Independence Party (UKIP) 2017
Juliet Ann
Conservative 1448
Labour Party 1601
Simon Brookes
Liberal Democrat 286

Stourport on Severn By Election

The Stourport-on-Severn by-election (to elect one County Councillor) was held on 27th June, 2013.  Mr John William Roland Thomas of Independent Community and Health Concern was elected with 1055 votes.  The number of votes recorded for each candidate can be found by selecting the Declaration of Results below:

St Marys By Election

The St Marys by-election was held on 1 August 2013. Mr Nathan John Desmond of the Conservative Party was elected with 504 votes. The number of votes recorded for each candidate can be found by selecting the Declaration of Results below:

County Council Election Results - May 2013


View live election results for 2013.

There are 52 Electoral Divisions in the County and 57 Councillors were elected at the County Council Election on 2nd May, 2013. Two councillors were returned for each of the divisions in the Redditch district area and the Stourport-on-Severn division, the remaining divisions returned one Councillor. There is currently one vacancy at Stourport-on-Severn and a by election will be held on 27th June, 2013.

The technical side of an election is managed by a Deputy Returning Officer (DRO) appointed by the County Returning Officer, one for each district area of the county. Contact should be made with the respective Deputy Returning Officer for the district area concerned about all matters relating to the technical requirements of the pre and post election held on 2nd May, and any subsequent by election. See the District Election Officer contact link below.

The count for the whole Council election was held on Friday, 3rd  May, 2013. Separate counts were held in each of the six district areas. A summary of the overall results and voting analysis; and results by map and postcode search are available via the links below. Any comparisons that are made between the new Council and the previous Council are made on the basis of actual election results for 2009 and not any changes in political party affiliation that were made during the life of the Council.

The next whole County Council Election will be held in 2017.


Number of seats won by party
Political Party Seats
Conservative 30
Green Party 2
Independent 2
Independent Community & Health Concern 2
Labour 7
Labour & Co-Operative Party 5
Liberal Democrat 3
Liberal Party - Keep Local Liberal Team 1
UK Independence Party (UKIP) 4
Wythall Residents' Association 1


Overall County votes summary by Party:  Electorate 447997

Political Party Votes %
No Description 62   0.04%
British National Party 1386   0.88%
Conservative 52609   33.30%
Green Party 7942   5.03%
Independent 4259   2.70%
Independent Community & Health Concern 6236   3.95%
Independent Ratepayers & Residents Association 784   0.50%
Labour 30708   19..44%
Labour & Co-Operative Party 7113   4.50%
Liberal Democrat 12098   7.66%
Liberal Party - Keep Local Liberal Team 1233   0.78%
Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts 177   0.11%
UK Independence Party (UKIP) 32285   20.44%
Wythall Residents' Association 1083   0.69%
Total Votes   157975  
Ballot Paper Issued   137553  
Spoilt   575  
Turnout (%)   30.70%  

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