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Equalities Objectives

Equalities Objectives

Recent amendments to equality law have resulted in some changes for councils.  While we no longer have to produce and publish detailed equality schemes and action plans we do have to develop and publish equalities objectives for particular groups of people listed in the Equality Act. 

A series of consultation exercises have been undertaken which, when combined with the experience of relevant directorate staff, have helped to highlight the areas where it is most important for us to achieve both equality of access to Council services and create employment opportunities for Worcestershire residents.   

Because this is a new duty we will be reviewing our progress to ensure we have selected objectives which are most helpful in promoting equal opportunities, getting rid of any unlawful discrimination and fostering good community relations.  We will do this every two years, more frequently than the four years required by Central Government. 

The Equalities Objectives (PDF 43 KB) concern key areas such as customer service, getting out and about, social services and education.  We will be carefully monitoring our progress so that we can assess how well we are doing the things we have said we will do. 

For further information please contact Sandy Bannister (Equality and Diversity Manager) Tel 01905 766225 or email

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