Minicom/Text Phone

A way of communicating through the phone using text. A phone is linked to a keyboard and enables a person to type a message which appears on a small screen at the other end of the line.

When communicating using a text phone the other person with whom you are communicating also needs a text phone.

Who May Benefit?

People with a hearing impairment.

How to Use the Equipment

Answering the textphone: Making a telephone call with text: Abbreviations for using during textphone calls:

Minicoms can be found in all locations.


Facilities Manager on 01905 766301 if you have any problems.


When using a minicom the cost is as per normal phone call.

Calls can also be made to a text phone from a normal voice phone via the relay service Typetalk. Dial 18002 followed by the number of the person you are calling. You will be connected to an operator who will explain the service and relay your call to the hearing impaired person.

This Information can be made available in other languages (including British Sign Language) and alternative formats (large print, audio tape, computer disk and Braille) on request from Corporate Diversity Manager on 01905 766225 or email