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Summary of Performance

Summary of Performance

The summary of performance table below shows the latest overall progress against our Corporate Plan. We recognise that a number of the indicators are long term and outside of the direct control of the Council, but we are measuring progress against them because of their importance to local residents. Click on each Key Area of Focus for more details.

Summary of Performance Table (PDF 87 KB)

Key to Direction of Travel

Improving No noticeable change Deteriorating
  green arrow Yellow   red arrow


Key Area of Focus

Performance Indicator

Q4 13/14 Direction of Travel

Open for Business

Economic growth

red arrow

Condition of roads

green arrow

Working age adults in employment

red arrow

People on out of work benefits

green arrow

Satisfaction with condition of roads

red arrow

Reduce household waste collected per head (kg/h)

red arrow

Reduce 16-24 year old Job Seekers allowance claimants


Children and Families

Increase % of pupils who achieve 5A*-C at GCSE including English and Maths or equivalent attainment for latest academic year

green arrow

An increase in children being adopted within 21 months between entering care and moving in with their adoptive family from 70.3% in 2012/13 to 80% in 2013/14

green arrow

An increase in the number of LAC adopted as a proportion of children looked after for 6 months

green arrow

Increase A-Level or equivalent attainment for latest academic year

green arrow

A decrease in the number of children with a Child Protection Plan per 10,000 red arrow
Reduce Proportion of children looked after per 10,000 green arrow
Improve Progress of Schools moving to Academy Status Yellow

Health and Well Being

Percentage of residents aged 65 or more receiving a service


Reduce Mortality Rate of children and young people


Service users with a direct payment (snapshot)

green arrow

Timeliness of adult protection strategy discussions

red arrow

Service users who say services have made them feel safe and secure Yellow
Fuel poverty Yellow
Reduce Difference in life expectancy across Worcestershire green arrow

The Environment

Reduce Greenhouse gas emissions

green arrow

Quality of green infrastructure created in Worcestershire


Increase Satisfaction with the local area as a place to live

red arrow


Balanced Scorecard

The Balanced Scorecard is the Council's key means of performance management.

The purpose of the Balanced Scorecard presentation is to show the relationship between the intended outcomes of the Corporate Plan with the vital finance, workforce and process measures that will support their delivery.  The indicators have been specifically designed to reflect the needs of the Council rather than meet central government requirements, following consultation with a focus group of residents. The Balanced Scorecard is available at a Council level, providing the detail that sits behind the table above, together with the specific scorecards for the Council's main departments (what we call Directorates).

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