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Business Support

 Business Support

Business support services support the back office running of schools, colleges and academies.

Results of the consultation on the commissioning of business support services

Thank you to those who took part in the recent consultation on the commissioning of business support services, currently provided by Worcestershire County Council to schools.

Just over half of schools shared their views with us on the proposals. The County Council will still be selling business support services to schools for the 2014/15 financial year.

The consultation has shown that 85% of schools want the Council to take a lead on procuring some services moving forwards and, following cabinet approval, the Council is offering two options to schools from April 2014, in relation to: Payroll; HR Advisory and Transactional Services; Schools Finance Advisory (including Payment4Schools) and Transactional Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Services; Property Services; IBS; Occupational Health and Educational Support Services.

From 1st April, you will be able to sign up for a two year contract with the County Council, where we will continue to provide your business support services during 2014/15 whilst we undertake the procurement process on behalf of the county council and also for those schools who wish for our support. During 2015/16 we will support you in the transition to new providers. We will also be informing you, prior to contract sign up, of the prices for 2014/15 and 2015/16 so that you can plan your budget more effectively.

Schools will not only benefit from known pricing for two years, you will also be in the best position to take advantage of the Council’s procurement capacity and expertise. Schools have also been invited to work with the council so that their priorities can be considered when specifications are drafted, and a number of you have already expressed an interest in this, alongside school business managers and governors.

Schools can however chose a one year contract option, for the Council to provide your business support services for the 2014/15 financial year. Schools will then be free to procure their own business support services from the external market to take effect from the end of that contract. Recognising that schools have different SLA commencement dates with the County Council i.e. 1 April or 1 September,the 2014/15 contracts with schools will be offered in line with your current SLA expiry dates. (This excludes the Worcestershire Schools & Academies Wide Area Network (WSAWAN) which operates to a separate contract and term).

 Finance Services

Schools Finance

Worcestershire County Council provides a wide range of financial support services enabling schools to fulfil their statutory obligations and strategic functions in relation to financial management. This includes:
  • Budget planning and monitoring
  • Staffing projections
  • Financial reports
  • Budget forecasting
  • Management of school funds
  • CFR returns
  • Payments4Schools
View or download the Finance Service Offer (PDF 126 KB) for this service.

Revenue Services

The Revenue Services team offer a range of  accounts payable and accounts receivable services for schools using the SAP Financials. 
For Maintained schools that do not have a separate bank account this includes the following package of services which all schools are required to sign up to:
  • Creation and maintenance of customer and vendor records
  • Debt management
  • Processing payment runs and distributing remittances
  • Telephone support and advice
  • Uploading of scanned invoice images
To find out more about this service offer schools can follow this link (External website).
For Academy schools and Maintained schools with local bank accounts who have elected to use SAP Financials offered by the County Council, the following services are offered:

 Human Resource (HR) Services

HR Services provides a range of professional services, supporting headteachers' and governing bodies with their operational, strategic and management  responsibilities in running their school. Find out more information on HR Services

 Property Services

Our Property Service can help with any problem relating to buildings and their services. Our teams of professional architects, engineers, surveyors, data specialists and support staff have considerable experience in managing the school estate and in supporting schools. Our systems and processes have evolved over time, guided by the DfE, HSE and by feedback from our clients to provide a robust solution to the challenges of property management. We also hold a wealth of data about the buildings in our care.

View or download the latest Property Service Offer for Schools (PDF 2.6 MB) or the latest Property Service Offer for Academies (PDF 3.4 MB)

 ICT Services

Worcestershire County Council provides comprehensive and accredited ICT support for schools and academies. Find out more information on ICT services available include:

 Asbestos Management

Scientific Services offer a full asbestos management service to ensure compliance with current legislation and the Health & Safety Executive's guidance. This includes all types of asbestos surveys for buildings, regular inspections and risk assessments of asbestos containing materials and sampling and analysis of materials suspected of containing asbestos. Scientific Services also carries out quality control checks and monitoring during asbestos removal work and four stage clearances following the removal to ensure a safe working environment is maintained. Scientific Services always works directly for the client ensuring impartiality as required by the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006. The team is UKAS accredited for most of the services offered.

View or download the latest Asbestos Service Offer for schools (PDF 3MB) or the latest Asbestos Service Offer for academies (PDF 3 MB).


Worcestershire County Council offers pre-planning application advice, scoping, surveying and licensing, as well as general advice and guidance to support schools' statutory duty towards planning, protecting, and enhancing biodiversity.

View or download the latest Ecology Service Offer for schools (PDF 3 MB) or the latest Ecology Service Offer for academies (PDF 3 MB).

 Legal and Democratic Services

The county council's Legal and Democratic Services team offer specialist advice and support for schools (including where necessary representation in court and at tribunal) on an extensive range of legal issues. These include issues relating to parents and pupils, property, personnel and employment, contractual matters, information law, debt recovery and where appropriate clerking school admissions appeals and school exclusion reviews.

 Appeals Secretariat

Worcestershire County Council's Appeals Secretariat offers schools and academies specialist advice and administrative services relating to the school admissions appeals process. We can also provide experienced and trained individuals to serve as independent members on school admission appeal panel hearings.

View or download the Appeals Service Offer (External Website) for this service

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  • Edulink
    Local Authority users can logon to Edulink using their corporate credentials. School users access Edulink using their individual Global Account 
  • Schools Broadband Team
    This site will give you information on Worcestershire's Broadband Project and its Support & Development.

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