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Carers Pathway and Assessment

Are you carer aware?

The online Carer Aware training tool explains who a carer is, their legal rights and what services are available in Worcestershire to support them.

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Carers Pathway and Carers Assessment

Worcestershire Carers Pathway

What is Worcestershire's Carer Pathway?

Carers Unit logoThe Carers Pathway is a newly improved process that was created to ensure all carers who contact Worcestershire Health and Social Care Access Service (Access Service) to request a Carers Assessment, have the opportunity to receive telephone support, advice and information at the right time for the right reasons.

Previously when a carer contacted the Access Service for a Carers Assessment, the request was immediately sent through to the appropriate health or social work team and the next contact would be directly from that team.  Individual teams workloads vary and a carer may have to wait for their assessment. The new pathway ensures that carers receive timely information and support in advance of that.

What has changed in the referral process?

If you are a carer who calls the Access Service to request a Carers Assessment you will now have the opportunity to be directly referred to Carers Action Worcestershire (a Worcestershire voluntary carers organisation) for a Carers 'Wellcheck' prior to receiving a statutory Carers Assessment.

The Carers Wellcheck is carried out via a telephone conversation with a member of Carers Action Worcestershire (CAW) as soon as possible to discover what is important to you at that moment in time, what resources/strengths/networks are available at a non-statutory level to support you and most importantly it gives you time to talk.

Once completed, if you would still benefit from a Carers Assessment then the information gathered by the Carers Wellcheck can be sent confidentially and directly on to the Access Service along with a referral for a full Carers Assessment (to be carried out by a statutory Health or Social Care Worker).

How does this help you if you are a carer?

This improved pathway has a number of benefits for you as a carer. 

  • It gives a timely response to your request for support.  You will have the opportunity to access different types of services that are available without having a Carers Assessment. So the support can begin immediately, at that point of contact.
  • Reduction in the amount of any duplication of information being taken as the Carers Wellcheck information is passed to the Health and Social Work team with the request for an assessment
  • A more timely and appropriate response from area teams.
  • We want you to feel valued and listened to at the earliest possible opportunity and feel clearer about what is going to happen next and by when

Will Carers Action Worcestershire carry out the statutory Carers Assessment?

No.  CAW cannot do this as they are not a statutory body and this must be carried out by a Social or Health care professional. 

Worcestershire Carers Assessment

What is a Carers Assessment? 

Having a Carers Assessment is your opportunity to talk with a Social/Health Care Worker about your needs and feelings as a carer. The purpose of the carer assessment is to consider:

  • how caring impacts on your life and allows you to talk about your needs
  • the support needed to help you to continue to provide care or to decide who should provide this if you are unable to continue
  • your own health and family commitments as well as your work, education and training needs, and the impact that your caring role might have on these

The way Worcestershire County Council make a decision about the help and support we can provide for carers is by carrying out this assessment — it is not a test and there are no wrong answers.

Carers Assessment Factsheet

Download the Carers Assessment - Information for Carers - June 2013 (PDF 600 KB) factsheet which includes information about:

  • What is the purpose of a Carers Assessment?
  • What the Carers Assessment will look at
  • What your Carers Support Plan may identify
  • Preparing for your assessment
  • After the Assessment
  • How to request a Carers Assessment

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