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Switch it off... At work

There are lots of ways your workplace can get involved in Switch It Off week, and by doing so also help you and your colleagues reduce energy use and fuel bills.

Energy Fact: On a 10p per Kilowatt hour rate, each computer (with flat screen monitor) that's left on standby overnight and at weekends wastes £20 a year. With increasing energy prices this figure could well double over the next 6 months.

Everybody can take action to reduce electricity use in the office. Find out how to Save Electricity in the Office. Including how much it costs your business to leave unused appliances on standby. Calculating the costs (and carbon emissions) of leaving your PCs, printers, photocopiers etc on unnecessarily.

Why not download the Switch It Off poster for use in your Worcestershire workplace

Free Switch It Off stickers and posters are also available from The Carbon Trust (search for stickers or posters in the Publications section) or call 0800 085 2005

You could also encourage staff to take part by:

  • Including Switch it Off messages in team meetings
  • Holding an energy saving exhibition
  • Telling your clients about how you're saving energy in your newsletters
  • Emailing staff encouraging them to follow the energy saving tips below
  • Encouraging staff to Switch It Off At Home

Energy Efficiency at Work


  • Switch off the lights when you can (e.g. in parts of the room that are not being used). It is always cheaper to switch them off, however short the time period
  • Use natural light wherever possible- for example, open the blinds rather than switch the lights on


  • Screen savers don’t save energy. Switch off at least the computer monitor when it’s not needed
  • Switch off your computer if you are not going to use it for 1 hour or more and don’t forget to turn it off at night

Office equipment

  • Last person to leave the office? Make sure all electrical appliances are switched off
  • Only print or photocopy when you really need to
  • Using the kettle? Only boil the water you need


  • Keep windows closed when the heating is on. If it’s too hot, ask your Facilities Manager if it can be turned down
  • Don’t block radiators with furniture – it reduces efficiency and output

For further tips and advice visit the Worcestershire Green Directory.

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External websites

  • Energy Saving Trust
    Learn more about being more energy efficient and save money around your home.
  • Climate Week
    The website of an event that happens a week every year to teach others about the risks of climate change
  • Department of Energy & Climate Change
    A website that includes different information on what the department is doing around the country to help make climate change better.
  • UK Climate Impacts Programme
    This website helps organisations to adapt to inevitable climate change.

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