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Becoming an Approved Provider

Pippa Bannister of Nineveh Ridge Farm

  The Changing Futures Fund has provided valuable support and an immense confidence boost to me personally. The support packages I have chosen have made a real impact on all of us working here as a team and we have a new found confidence in how to run the organisation well for the future.

Pippa Bannister of Nineveh Ridge Farm

How to become an Approved Provider

Packages of Support available through the Changing Futures Fund

An overview of the packages offered and what we would like providers to do is outlines below.

Professions Support Package

We want providers to:

  • Help Fund Users to understand financial accounts
  • Teach Fund Users about the financial regulations that govern organisations
  • Support Fund Users in their taxation and banking
  • Enable Fund Users to meet regulatory requirements
  • Help Fund Users to fulfil employment practices and employment regulations - (relevant qualification required), and
  • Support Fund Users on pay, pensions and employees benefits - (relevant qualification required).

Organisational Set-Up Package

We want providers to support fund users on:

  • Constitutional and regulatory requirements of a new organisation
  • Organisational Governance, Trustees, Directors and Boards
  • Defining Objectives
  • Business Planning and all matters involved in financial setup, and
  • Recruitment of staff and volunteers.

Financial Sustainability Package

We want providers to support:

  • Business planning to identify markets and sources of income
  • Budgeting and controlling expenditure
  • Matching income and expenditure to ensure the organisation is sustainable
  • Producing management accounts in order to control the business, and
  • Financial decision making and the control of bank.

Marketing Support Package

Providers will help users by:

  • Analysing organisations marketing opportunities 
  • Defining the products and shaping them for market
  • Generating a marketing strategy
  • Measuring the effectiveness of that strategy, and
  • Designing and Setting up a web-site (relevant qualification required).

The New Ways of Working Package (including asset transfers)

We want providers to have expertise in:

  • Knowing which type of organisational structure is useful for different types of activity and Governance arrangements
  • Knowledge of innovative ways of working
  • Working with coalitions and networks, and
  • Experience of asset transfer work.

Bidding for Contracts

We want providers to support Fund Users in:

  • Understanding the requirements of Commissioners
  • Understanding the commissioning and procurement processes used by the Public Sector
  • Understanding how to construct successful bids, and
  • Contract performance monitoring and evaluation

The Fund Raising Package

We want providers to have:

  • Knowledge of funding sources
  • Experience of defining funding needs
  • Experience in preparing and submitting successful funding application, and
  • Skills in monitoring and evaluation of funded work 

Understanding and Setting Outcomes Package

We want providers to support Fund Users in understanding how to:

  • Monitor results and record details of outcomes achieved
  • Identify the outcomes they are achieving as a result of their work, and
  • Introduce ideas around measuring the value of outcomes in order to develop ways of increasing efficiency

Positive Activities Package

We want providers of these activities in local communities to be able to access support in the following areas in order to help them ensure that young people are safe and fully involved in quality activity programmes:

  • Starting up a youth group
  • Safeguarding in a youth work context
  • Health & Safety in a youth work context
  • Involving young people in decision making

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