Walking is a great way of getting around that can be part of the daily routine for most people. With ongoing improvements being made to walking facilities, the experience is becoming even more enjoyable.

The Benefits of Walking

Learn more about the advantages of walking around rather then other transport.

Safe Walking

When walking the streets its essential to keep safe and use precautions that could save your life, on the Safe Walking page you can learn more about safety of you and others.

Some other safety type precautions include;

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Walking Information

On these pages you can more about the different parts of walking that can be done to make sure you stay safe, know the roads and get involved with others, to find out more you can follow the links below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. The footway near to where I live is in a poor state of maintenance. How can I go about getting it improved?
  2. How do I put in a request for new infrastructure? E.g. Pedestrian crossings, new footways etc
  3. What kinds of walking schemes have the potential to be funded?
  4. How do you prioritise the requests for walking schemes that you receive?

Contact Information

If our website has not provided the cycling information that you require, email us or contact the Worcestershire Hub on 01905 765 765.

What's so great about walking?

Adults are recommended to do 30 minutes of moderate activity five times a week, defined as anything that makes you feel warm, you can feel your heart rate increasing and you have to breathe a bit harder.

It will take most people around 15 minutes to walk one mile, which is roughly equal to 2500 steps - one quarter of the recommended daily 10,000 steps to maintain health and fitness.

Wearing a pedometer and recording your daily steps and distance is a great motivating tool. You can wear a pedometer all day, every day and record total steps. Or you can wear it just when you go out for a walking workout.

Walking routes

Worcestershire has some fantastic walking routes within the county, from short urban routes around the towns, to long way-marked trails through the beautiful countryside.

We produce a number of maps that show the walking opportunities within a specific area. For information on way-marked trails and guided walks in Worcestershire, please visit the Countryside Services website.

The County Council is interested in ideas from members of the public to improve the walking network in Worcestershire. We currently operate a scoring system for prioritising future projects, which includes assessments based on value for money, deliverability, support and demand.

If you would like to make a suggestion, with community and councillor support if possible, please contact the Sustainable Schemes Team on 01905 765 765.