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Overgrown trees and hedges can cause a danger to highway users, especially blind and disabled. Children are particularly at risk from eye injury. They can also impair vision for drivers at junctions.

Boundary hedges along public rights of way, which are generally rural and unsurfaced, are similarly the responsibility of the landowner and seasonal growth should be cut back.

Hedges should be cut back to property boundaries and there should be 2.5m head clearance on a footway. Street lighting columns must be kept clear.

Report an Overgrown Tree or Hedge online

 right arrow maroon Report an Overgrown Tree or Hedge

or alternatively please contact the Worcestershire Hub on 0845 6072005

Who is Responsible for Trees and Hedges?

 It is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain trees and hedges. If a safety issue is identified the council will request that the owner cuts back overhanging vegetation.

Where this request is not fulfilled or the hedge is deemed an immediate danger, the council will cut the hedge back and recharge the property owner.

What we need from you

 right arrow maroon Location details and description of problem.

right arrow maroon Your contact details in case we need to contact you/require clarification of the reported issue.

What will the council do?

 In accordance with our Service Level Agreement, we will look at all reported issues within 28 days. However, where we are advised that this is urgent, inspections may be prioritised.

We will contact the property owner (where appropriate) requesting that they attend to the offending hedge/tree within 28 days.

Get more information and advice over the phone on Trees & Hedgerows

 For more information on Trees & Hedgerows you can get in touch with the Worcestershire Hub on 0845 6072005.

The county council will not act on overgrown vegetation which is:

Hedge cutting should not be undertaken between March and August due to bird nesting. For further information on the responsibilities of property owners under the Wildlife and Countryside Act, visit the RSPB website.